Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fight for Your Right Revisited: Revisited

Following its TV premiere all of Fight for Your Right Revisited — a short directed by Adam Yauch that's preceding the new Beastie Boys album, Hot Sauce Committee Vol. 2 — has popped up online.  

It is, as its overstuffed cameo roll and basic concept — Mike D (played by Seth Rogen), Ad-Rock (Elijah Wood), and MCA (Danny McBride) continuing to wreak havoc the morning after the party from the "Fight for Your Right" video — would suggest, a wholeheartedly awesome twenty-plus minutes. It's got an improvised (in a good way) feel, an exceptionally funky soundtrack of new Beasties music, the coining of the term "Jon Bon" to refer to the front man of Bon Jovi, the consumption of whippits, and exchanges like this

See the full video here and related story

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