Sunday, May 29, 2011

Elizabeth and the Catapult

The Brooklyn group became an underground sensation back in 2006 after the release of its self-titled debut EP, becoming a popular staple in the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

Frontwoman Elizabeth Ziman is a trained classical pianist and vocalist who, while attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music, won the 2001 ASCAP Leiber and Stoller award for her song "Like Water is to Sand." After touring with Patti Austin, Ziman began incorporating jazz influences into her personal compositions, which began to materialize after a chance meeting with drummer Dan Molad. A third Berklee student, Pete Lalish, entered the mix and the three fully materialized upon their graduation by relocating to Brooklyn.

The band's debut, Taller Children, is full of whimsy and clever songwriting. From the playful energy of the inner child to the lyrical complexities that define adulthood, the trio struck upon a great blend of song, style and meaning.   

The Other Side of Zero, which came out Oct. 25, shifts towards a darker, sassier template. Playful songs like "You and Me" are paired with more introspective tracks like "Julian Darling" and "Worn Out Tune." [World Cafe Live]

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