Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hollywood's Badass Girls



Milla Jovovich

Our number one badass actress is Milla Jovovich, no one can beat those russian eyes and her supermodel body.

Milla Jovovich started her modeling career at 9 years old, she received a job for Revlon at 11 years old and she dropped out of school at 12 years old to pursue modeling. Everybody wanted to work with her although she was very young and this caused a lot of controversy. At 23 years old she became a spokes person for L'Oreal after she appeared in magazines like Vogue, Cosmo or Glamour but also in commercials for Donna Karan, DKNY and Gap.

She got her big break in the film The Fifth Element and has since taken on the role of a kick-ass action hero in movies like the Resident Evil series and Ultraviolet. 



Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's action resume is one of the longest and it includes the most hits. She's smart, she goes from heart-wrenching dramatic roles like Changeling to fast-paced shoot-'em-ups like Wanted.

Based on the popular video game series, Tomb Raider features the adventures of Lara Croft an antiquities hunter-for-hire. She travels to exotic locales in search of treasures and artifacts in the catacombs of ancient tombs and ruins remaining from age-old empires. A female Indiana Jones, Croft's expeditions are always chock full of action, danger, intrigue, suspense and her omnipresent knack for defying death in skin-tight outfits.

...Looking good and kicking ass is a winning combination.



Kate Beckinsale

Prior to her butt-kicking role as Selene the vampire warrior in Underworld, Beckinsale's on-screen image was that of an edgy but sweet and romantic young woman after roles in Shooting Fish, The Last Days of Disco, Pearl Harbor and Serendipity. When director (and future husband) Len Wiseman handed Beckinsale a couple of modified Barettas and a laser targeted P99 to be Selene's weapons of choice, a new female action hero was born.
Say what you will about the film series and all its flaws, but you can't deny that the lovely Kate Beckinsale made these movies better. From the very first scene of the film and she drops down off the ledge of the building only to stand up and walk away, you know you don't want to mess with her.



Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a classic beauty even without makeup and has never been afraid to show everything she's got. She has been a sexy nude female in movies like "2 Days in the Valley," "The Devil's Advocate" and "The Cider House Rules."

Glamorous looks notwithstanding, her talent extends beyond being pretty and sexy. She was named Best Actress for her role in Monster but she stole more hearts in Aeon Flux.



Uma Thurman

In Kill Bill Parts 1 and 2, Uma Thurman fought her way to the top of Hollywood's deadliest women.

It was a long time coming. All those years wasted, trying to figure out the truth about cats and dogs and being unfortunate enough to star in both 'The Avengers' and 'Batman & Robin'. Then finally in 2003, Uma unleashed her bad-ass side and we all thanked Tarantino.

As the multi-named heroine done wrong by her assassin ex-colleagues, Uma spent two entire films getting her own back. Blood was shed. Bodies fell. Daryl Hannah lost an eye. 



Halle Berry

A Cleveland native, Halle Berry hasn't let being the first Best Actress-winning black woman diminish her love of action flicks.

2000 and 2001 were two huge years for her: The X-Men series began, she flashed her breasts for the first time in Swordfish and won her Oscar for Monster's Ball.

She's made some questionable choices, though, like marrying Eric Benet and starring in Catwoman (although the cat suit was nice). 



Carrie-Ann Moss

Oddly enough, Carrie-Ann Moss starred in a short-lived 1993 TV show called Matrix, about the underworld's foremost hitman, Steven Matrix.

That would be just a small precursor of the fame should would win as Trinity, one of the best action heroines.

Cool and sexy under pressure, her soft blue eyes juxtapose her angular face to make her soft yet serious. 

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