Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Peach Kings

The band: The Peach Kings, former San Franciscans seeking a SoCal throne.

The sound: The duo dubbed their debut EP “Trip Wop,” and the influence of sultry down-tempo acts such as Portishead and Zero 7 certainly leaves a mark on tracks such as “Little Things” and “By Your Side.” 

But the occasional drum machine runs second to the interplay of Steven “Dies” Trezevant’s salty guitar work and singer Paige Wood’s lightly toasted alto, which run deft melodic circles around each other. The result is 21st century blues, recorded with a 2011 budget. [L.A. Unheard: The Peach Kings’ chewy blues - Pop and Hiss The LA Times Music Blog]

Here's some audio-visual goodness to get your weekend rolling. The Peach Kings play a down-and-dirty kind of noir rock that seems like equal parts PJ Harvey and Raymond Chandler.  The video for their song "Thieves and Kings" is artsy, sexy and entertaining. Said differently, it's all of the Lana Del Rey at a fraction of the hype. [Common Folk Music]

Bonus:  be sure to check out their website where you can download their three-song EP Trip Wop for free.

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