Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Going On: 40 Years

Marvin Gaye's masterpiece What's Going On turned 40 last Saturday. What's Going On  was one of the most influential records from a passionate and enduring icon. 

Released on May 21, 1971, the album is an introspective, politically charged nine-piece song cycle that addresses the ravages of the Vietnam War, urban decay, drug abuse, civil unrest and injustice. Gaye was singing to his generation in an effort to wake people up to the struggles no one was willing to discuss at that time. But these songs are universal; they've transcended their time and place. Listen carefully and you'll notice how much they still resonate. [NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday Songs That We Love]
“The 25 Coolest Brothers Of All Time.” Ebony Magazine August 2008

Ebony Magazine in their August 2008 issue named "The 25 Coolest Brothers Of All Time.” For the first time ever, Ebony magazine defined Black Cool in an exclusive 8-cover editorial  featuring Marvin Gaye, Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Prince, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Muhammad Ali, and Billy Dee Williams on eight different collector’s edition covers

According to Ebony Magazine “These brothers radiate confidence and have an alluring charisma that sets the standard. From their sleek, debonair styles to their smooth-as-silk personas, these magnificent Black men have conveyed, captured and conquered the quintessence of “cool” while making it appear effortless. 

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