Friday, July 22, 2011

Captin America: Faux-Vintage Posters

                 CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE #0 WRAPAROUND VARIANT Pencils & Covers by TIM SALE
As noted by several critics one of the many ways that the film sets itself apart from its lesser comic-book movie brethren is in its unique period setting and distinctive production design; as you’ve probably gathered from the trailers, the bulk of the narrative is set in 1942, with Captain America taking on Hitler, specifically, a rogue wing of the Nazi army. 

That’s why these promotional posters in WWII propaganda art style, as devised by artists Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, and Eric Tan, are so ingenious — they not only promote the picture, but encompass its jazzy aesthetic.[Flavorwire Cultural News and Critique]

Artist: Olly Moss, the UK-born artist who created last year’s wonderful “Rolling Roadshow” posters for the Alama Drafthouse.

Artist: San Diego designer Eric Tan

Artist: San Diego designer Eric Tan 

Artist: Tyler Stout

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