Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Reasons to Like Reality Television

Any number of television's competition shows seem to take special — perhaps sadistic — pleasure in dispatching their also-rans to reality's netherworlds. However, these three shows represent a small group of reality shows that celebrate artistry more than delight in failure. [Recipe for Success

Plus these shows also have three of hottest hosts on television, as well as a panel of au courant judges from their respective industries.

Padma Lakshmi runway model turned actress turned tabloid wife turned cookbook author turned host of Bravo’s  Top Chef

Top chef has again been nominated for for an Emmy.
In last year's awards, Bravo's "Top Chef" registered a huge upset in the reality-competition match, knocking off CBS' The Amazing Race after it had won in the category for seven consecutive years. [Recipe for Success]

Heidi Klum  runway model turned actress turned rock star wife turned producer - host of Bravo/Lifetime's Project Runway 

Project Runway received an 2011 Emmy nomination for outstanding reality program.  Season 9 premiere airs July 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime, will keep its 90-minute format, along with its core team: Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and mentor Tim Gunn.

Tyra Banks  runway - fashion model turned actress turned producer - host of UPN/CW's  America’s Next Top Model

America's Next Top Models continues to be snubbed by The Emmys. The supermodel's modeling competition may not score the ratings of some other reality juggernauts, but when it comes to entertainment value, the show never disappoints  And unlike some other reality shows, ANTM actually does produce some success stories, e.g. Eva Pigford, Danielle Evans, Adrianne Curry....[Entertainment Weekly]

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