Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kate Moss: Hot as Ever

Kate Moss is quite possibly the coolest woman to ever rule the catwalk. Time magazine once called her "the face that has never gone out of style." Model to most, muse to many, mom to one - Moss is as gorgeous today as she was nearly 25 years ago, when she made her first runway appearance.

Moss starred in a series of Calvin Klein ads through the 1990s, spurring a period of waif models and  "heroin chic" which emphasized emaciated features and androgyny.  The look was an alternative that stood in direct contradiction to the vibrant look of models such as Claudia Schiffer, and Heidi Klum.

Kate turned 37 this January and yet last year, she was among the top 5 paid suber models in the world. No model stays at the top for 20 plus years. Especially not chicks, who are 5’7”, rail thin, flat chested, smoke cigs, date Pete Doherty and do copious amounts of blow. Yet somehow Kate Moss has defied all the rules.

The reason Moss has stayed a top model since the 90s is that she is more than a gorgeous face and a hot body.  She is a chameleon of personal style — much lauded by fashion editors and young trendsetters alike.  Moss is also fearless in front of the camera and hits all the right notes.

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