Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miss Mosh: Fetish and Alternative Model

Masha Federova, better known by her online name of Mosh or Miss Mosh, is a fetish and alternative, model. She chose Mosh as her nickname after "Masha" was taken on the modeling network site modelmayhem, where she made her debut.

She was born (August 21, 1989) in Russia to parents who were part of the national gymnastics team. After the collapse of the Soviet Union they moved to Florida in the United States to work as coaches, and later to Maryland.

If life had been different, Mosh might have been somersaulting around the world as a professional gymnast. Mosh started professional gymnastics when she was five and trained for 10 years. She then moved to acrobatics and dislocated her elbow which destroyed her right arm, so she had to quit.                                       


Gymnastics’ loss is the alt scene’s gain. Like other career-minded model and Jane Doe Latex owner Nina Kate, or determined Torture Garden muse Viktoria, Mosh has achieved a great deal in a short space of time.


The headstrong 21-year-old has carved out a niche, working with photographers such as Lithium Picnic, occupying the pages of Marquis magazine and working with designers such as Antiseptic.

Mosh has a passion, and a genuine love, for fetish fashion. She speaks of it like a star-crossed lover extolling the virtues of a soul mate:

“Fetish is a beautiful thing and has inspired me to do so much,” she says. “To some it’s just sexual pleasure, but to me it’s more – it’s an art form and I feel it’s my duty to help the fetish scene to grow. I find it so incredibly inspiring and beautiful, and I hope others can feel the same.” (Bizarre Magazine: Cover Girl  Interview Dec 2010)

Mosh currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and run her own website,

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