Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mila Kunis: From Ravishing Ingenue to Leading Lady

“It can’t be her!” Natalie Portman begs during a pique of envy in Black Swan. The “her” in question is prima frenemy Mila Kunis—she of the smoky cocktail-olive eyes and reckless pirouettes that send the cavaliers of the New York City Ballet grabbing for their barre. It’s an understandable freakout on Portman’s part. No one, not even Portman’s driven ballerina, can resist Kunis’ considerable seductive charms. 

Resisting Kunis is proving to be just as futile offscreen. In the wake of her standout performance in Black Swan, Kunis has arrived atop many an A-list director’s casting wish list (among them, Easy A’s Will Gluck, who just directed Kunis in next summer’s rom-com Friends with Benefits). Elite fashion photographers are beckoning, eager to strap the wispy five-foot-three Ukranian-born actress into rib-crushing couture for their highfalutin magazine spreads. And her breathtaking presence in designer attire is lighting up red carpets throughout the 2011 awards season.

Photography by Ruven Afanada / Styling by Hayley Atkin

The above was taken from an article in the  LA Times Magazine by Leslie Gornstein, for the complete article click on the following link

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